Disrupting School To Prison Pipeline through tech inclusion & youth empowerment

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To disrupt the tech industry and bridge the diversity gap through empowerment of low-income communities with a focus on kids of color by teaching them how to code and inspiring them to become social innovative leaders.

dis·rupt \disˈrəpt\: verb. to cause something to be unable to continue in a normal way: to change the status quo


US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey Report on the Disparities in STEM Employment by Sex, Race, and Hispanic Origin

80%Jobs in Tech

  • There is a major disparity between the plethora of tech jobs and the number of minorities who hold a tech position.
  • Percentage of Blacks and Hispanics or Latinos in STEM occupations as 6.4% and 6.5%, respectively.
  • The gender disparity is also prevalent, with the statistics showing that in 2011, women made up about 27% of the computer-related STEM positions.
  • The overall percentage of women’s representation in computer occupations has actually declined since the1990s.
  • Because jobs in tech expected to grow in the next decade by 80%, not addressing the issue will only continue to expand the diversity gap.

Women are less likely than men to pursue a degree in Tech and Blacks and Latino students are less likely than white students.





Disrupt Academy is a rotational Education program. These coding and self  help classes will prepare youth for success in the real world. By reaching out to these underserved members of the community, they will gain exposure to the technology and education that is currently beyond their reach.



Disrupt Hackathon is a 1-day competition where ideas are given life, teams are formed, and the best business concept wins. Participants are exposed to the different aspects of the startup business process. They must go from inception to design to testing, validating their ideas every step of the way. The experience of meeting and collaborating with other like-minded peers and mentors will create a lasting impact.



It is important for kids to see examples of people that look like them in the tech industry to realize that it is a possibility for them to follow suit. Throughout our curriculum and hackathon events we will feature women and other minority speakers that are entrepreneurs, developers, and social innovators in their communities.



hack·a·thon \hakaTHän\: noun. an event, typically lasting several days, in which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming.

kids_coding4Disrupt Hackathon is an event where kids ages 10-17 will pitch their ideas as tech solutions to problems they have identified in their communities.

It is open to all students to display their talent and skills in programming no matter what level. Along with mentors, expert developers and business coaches, they are tasked to design and build an app or a website.


  • The teams will choose whether they will make a web or mobile application

  • 3 teams will be chosen as winners, they will be ranked from 1st to 3rd place

  • Each team can have 3 to 5 members and can import one professional.

  • A time limit (8hrs) will be given to all the teams registered to do their assigned tasks

  • Prizes will be awarded



Our vision is to create a fun-filled experience for kids to enjoy building and creating from their ideas. We want kids to believe that they can be their own superheroes by solving real-world problems. Themed with a superhero “Disrupt” logo, participants will be provided with shirts and capes to feel empowered and inspired to change the world!

DISRUPT SUPERHERO HQ: Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library

We are partnering up with Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library to provide a comfortable space for the kids to hack away and turn their ideas into fruition. A diverse group of successful tech entrepreneurs, engineers and guest judges will be sharing their stories to mentor kids to become leaders of their own communities. Our intention is that when kids see people that look like them and speak like them in successful careers and building their own companies, they will accept it as a reality that it can happen to them!

If you’d like to participate as a student or a volunteer please register  here.


"Start something that matters!" -Blake Myscoskie, founder TOMS


Operation Disrupt is founded by 15 year old girl, Victoria Walker and her mother, Denise Walker. Victoria first started to code at the age of 10. In 2012, 11 year old Victoria, competed in hackathons and pitch competitions designed for seasoned executive developers and successfully won various competitions. In 2013 she was awarded Top Ten Innovator of the Year for Blacks in Tech at SXSWi in Austin, Texas. Denise Walker is the CEO of Digital Media Wave, a design and marketing firm based in Los Angeles. A few years ago she was successfully and pridefully winning hackathons back-to-back as one of the few, if not the only, woman in the competition. She asked Victoria to consider participating in a hackathon she was competing in under the condition that she pitches her own idea and forms her own team. That was the moment that her winning streak was killed when Victoria walked away with $20K from the AT&T sponsored hackathon. From Victoria’s success and growth as a leader, public speaker and junior developer and Denise’s observation of the tech diversity gap, both in number of women and lack of people of color, they identified 2 problems: 1) Most kids do not have the opportunity to be exposed to such amazing experiences 2) Tech inclusion is not being addressed at a young age. This is why Disrupt Hackathon was created.

Victoria and Denise

Victoria Walker

Victoria Walker - Founder

Victoria Walker is a high school student in Los Angeles. Competing against seasoned developers, she first got into the tech world in 2012 at the age of 11 when she participated at the AT&T ‘It Can Wait” Hackathon, creating an app that helped prevent Texting While Driving. Against all odds, being the only kid, she won the 1st Place prize of $20K for her idea. Victoria continued to join other hackathons and pitch competitions including, Tech Coast Venture Network’s Survival Pitch Competition and the L.A. Auto Show’s Connected Car Fast Pitch Competition where she placed 3rd in both. She was also invited to be a panelist at SXSWi’s first All Kid Panel, “Generation Change: A Lesson from Junior Innovators.” Victoria Walker was a featured speaker at the Developers and Designers Conference in Los Angeles. In 2013, Victoria Walker was awarded Top Ten Innovator of the Year by Blacks In Tech at SXSW alongside, US Senator Cory Booker and Astronaut Mae Jemison. She was also invited to go on the Steve Harvey Show. Because of her success and accolades, she was interviewed by various news outlets including Huffington Post, Venture Beat, Los Angeles Times, NPR, The Globe and Mail, local TV news in Los Angeles. Today, Victoria continues her pursuit in learning different computer languages. She loves basketball and is the starting point guard in her HS varsity team as a sophomore. Victoria Walker has also won 2 AAU Championships with her travel team.

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